Dog Sledding in Keystone

Year-Round Keystone Activities

Keystone dog sledding is rapidly becoming a real favorite among our guests (summer and winter) and it’s both exciting and educational for kids. This activity allows even non-skiers to tour remote mountain areas, pulled by a team of hard-working Huskies. A guide will stand in back to control the team. . . but they will allow passengers to take turns “at the wheel” when the terrain is appropriate.

What’s great is that even in the summer, it’s a great adventure for the family to visit the kennels, meet the dogs (and puppies), then ride on the summer dog carts to experience the sheer power of these phenomenal animals.

For more information please visit the following websites:

Snow Caps Sled Dogs or call (970) 453-7855       

Good Times Adventures or call (800) 477-0144